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How Long Does It Take To Drive 600 Miles – Imagine a Toyota Land Cruiser wearing a Gucci suit. That’s the last Lexus LX, and so it is with this iteration. The classic, sleek body-for-4×4 promised all the off-road chops and durability of a Cruiser, plus added svelteness and branding to match the higher price tag. It’s the most expensive SUV to use the Lexus brand, and arguably a more appropriate flagship for 2022 than the LS sedan or LC500.

With the arrival of the fourth-generation car, new this year, some of the sought-after features that defined the LX’s staying power in the first place have fallen by the wayside. What remains is something that feels appropriate for the modern full-size SUV class, but is also a long way from what big truck fans want. Let’s take a closer look.

How Long Does It Take To Drive 600 Miles

The LX 600 is a full-size body-on-frame luxury SUV with a strong rear and independent interior. All-wheel drive is standard, and power comes from a 3.4-liter twin-turbo V-6 mated to a 10-speed manual transmission. Other Toyotas combine this powertrain with a hybrid system, but the Lexus version only works with a gas burner. Power numbers are middle-of-the-road for this class: 409 hp is on the low side (Cadillac’s Escalade, by comparison, squeezes 420 hp from its 6.2-liter V-8), but torque is 479 lb-ft (the Escalade only manages 460). LXs typically seat six or seven passengers, although you can configure one to seat just four. Prices range from $88K before options to $127K for the four-seat Ultra Luxury trim.

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We tested the 2022 LX 600 F Sport, the third in a five-seat lineup (Standard, Premium, F Sport, Luxury, Ultra Luxury). The F Sport gets a special black mesh grille design, 22-inch wheels, special front seats, red leather interior, performance indicators, Torsen low-profile rear spoiler, and a rear spoiler. Ours had a book value of $107,585 total, with $5,240 in options. Note: Active Control, which uses hydraulic springs to allow the driver to change positions depending on the terrain underfoot ($1,300); and a Mark Levinson 25-speaker system ($2,660).

A lot, actually. It’s the new generation LX, which runs on a new architecture (TNGA-F, in Toyota terms) that it shares with the Tundra and Sequoia. The turbo V-6 is new, replacing the old but non-firing 5.7-liter V-8. Ditto the 10-speed manual transmission, which takes up a quarter of the eight-speed manual transmission in the LX 570. Our test model is one of two new offerings in the LX lineup, the other being the new Ultra Luxury trim. The infotainment system has finally ditched the unique joystick interface for a dual-screen interface that looks great and is easy to use.

New: 112.2-liter LX. Lexus is proud to share this image as something consistent throughout all four generations of this car, starting with the first generation J80 from the mid-1990s. That’s important – for reasons we’ll get to shortly.

The new infotainment setup is a significant improvement from the outgoing model. I wouldn’t call it the best part, but it doesn’t look ridiculous. There are convenient buttons for the most important things that travelers always deal with. The seats are comfortable all day, and even if the red leather is not to your liking, it is easy to correct in the designer’s menu. One feature of the technology: the top-down camera automatically appears on the head-up display when you stop and turn the steering wheel, just as you would in a parking lot. For something large, the extra level of information and detail can be a lifesaver in tight spaces.

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The all-new LX channels feel more isolated in the cabin than before. The old V-8 was pretty fun to begin with, and the truck is great for everyday use. .

More power. Time will tell if the engine has the same 300,000 mile reliability as the eight. Another nice bonus is the Active Height Control on demand suspension, which creates large amounts of ground clearance on bumpy roads.

You can see how Toyota was keen to stick with some features for the sake of continuity, but the fact that the wheels are only 112.2 inches doesn’t make sense here. The competition has gone to 120-plus inches for the third row to exist, and it’s paying dividends. The LX’s back seats are a very uncomfortable place to spend more than a few minutes. Most people will use this large SUV as a two-row with a large room.

There are a few quirks in the cabin, one being that the windows are located behind the large straps that hold the doors, making them difficult to access. The abbreviations on the buttons at the bottom of the screen can be difficult to decipher (MTS – Multi-Terrain Select, DAC = Downhill Assist Control) and difficult to know when to use them. .

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In short: Someone looking for a large, truck-like SUV without a German badge or an American belt. There was a time when part of the appeal of a full-size model like the LX 570 was solid, if ancient, bones. Heck, people still love the 4Runner, and it has a five-speed manual transmission. But for decades the trust didn’t sell as well as it used to. User-friendliness means technological features and design are evolving. The LX has gone out of fashion to stay competitive, but now it faces European competition more than ever. What Lexus, on the other hand, must maintain is a better selling price compared to the BMW X7 or equivalent. That alone might make it the way to go, especially if you’re the type to keep the family on long trips. 2022 Lexus LX 600 Ultra Luxury Review: Specific Appeals The Escalade or Navigator does a lot of good things, but this four-seat Lexus has an ace up its sleeve.

There’s a certain amount of cachet that comes with being driven around, not in a very elaborate limousine, but in a more subtle – yet roomy – four-wheel drive. Such vehicles used to look like luxury sedans such as the Mercedes-Benz S-Class or the Rolls-Royce Phantom. But just like any other segment, SUVs have entered the four-seater segment with gusto.

The 2022 Lexus LX 600 Ultra Luxury is one example of a full-size SUV built for more power than its cousins. New for this year, the Ultra Luxury has more comfort (and fewer seats) than the Lexus sport-ute before it, and an as-tested price of $127,940 puts it on par with cars with similar seating. Of course, there are plenty of great options in this category that cost less, including the stunning mid-century Cadillac Escalade and Lincoln Navigator. But it doesn’t offer the panache of four seats and a tall console, nor does it have the road-ready style of Lexus’ latest SUV.

Still, the LX Ultra Luxury has several flaws. Comfort comes first, and while the rear passengers are treated to massaging seats, the front row does not. At that price, the Escalade and Navigator handle the front seats well. But if you don’t mind your driver, the LX 600 Ultra Luxury is a great way to get around.

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A vehicle’s rating is only in relation to the segment and not the total car market. For more information on car prices, click here.

Wearing one of the largest Lexus spindle grilles yet, the 2022 LX 600 makes a bold first impression. The sharp front and headlights give it familiarity with the Lexus NX and RX crossovers, although the flat roof and kinky parking are LX. The flagship SUV has a long, narrow space, and offers a powerful, road-ready crowd that some will love (myself included). But on the whole, the LX looks understated and aggressive, especially compared to the understated Mercedes-Benz GLS and the luxurious Lincoln Navigator.

Inside, the LX has a monolithic center console consisting of two screens. A straight and flat windscreen sits at the front of the road, providing excellent overhead visibility. The front and rear seats have plush fabric on the bolsters, with matching details on the armrests. Material quality is generally good in most touchpoints, although it’s hard to find the hard plastics below the knee – a disappointment given the free-flowing styling of the LS sedan and LC coupe. Overall, the LX feels good enough, but it lacks the uniqueness of other model lines.

Thanks to the four-sided air suspension and special dampers, the Lexus LX maintains the reputation of its predecessors for its excellent comfort on the road and smooth handling. Practical performance creates friendship between right and left passengers, but everything

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