How Is Justice Shown In The Crucible

How Is Justice Shown In The Crucible – Although justice aims to be administered on the basis of the highest fairness and equality, Arthur Miller’s Crucible shows that this is not always successful and that in many cases the forces of injustice are manifested. Justice can be established or destroyed in various ways. In The Crucible, Arthur Miller convinces his audience that reason, emotion, and character show injustice in the social hardships of Puritan society. Justice is one of the main themes represented in The Crucible.

Justice must be done in a very fair and just manner. It must also be based on morality, rationality, law, natural law, religion or justice. In The Crucible, he reveals that in many cases the forces of injustice are shown. In order to get justice, people had to lie in court and tell the judge that they were witches. If they did not confess to witchcraft, they would be killed. Not everyone in the movie sees the truth. Judge Danforth believes in theocracy and believes that the legal system will bring truth and justice in all situations.

How Is Justice Shown In The Crucible

At the end of the film, the judges and the townspeople believe that John Proctor will get justice, but it turns out that he will get the exact opposite. This is ironic because John Proctor only wanted to help his wife and friends. In The Crucible, Arthur Miller shows that reason can help make anything just or unjust by looking at the reasons for the people and the court. The movie shows sanity when something crazy happens, but no one realizes how crazy it is. Throughout the film, each person uses different reasoning for their own madness.

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From different points of view, justice is done or injustice is done. John Proctor seems to be the only voice of reason in The Crucible. He is the only one who knows the real truth behind Abigail’s lies. Nurse Rebecca can also be considered the voice of reason. He was one of the only characters who did not remain in the close-minded society of the Puritans. They also used intelligence in how the girls reacted to some of the people they tried to kill in court. Abigail Williams is one of the characters who uses her intelligence to get people imprisoned or put to death.

Courts use bias to kill and imprison people. The court also wants people’s reactions. They kill many witches to make the townspeople feel safer and help people trust the court. In the end, this is just the opposite effect. An emotion is how a person reacts to a certain event or something someone says. In The Crucible, Miller conveys emotion in court by using certain characters to exaggerate things to get the audience’s attention.

Through the use of emotion, he shows that justice can be done or destroyed in different ways. In the film, Miller uses Abigail Williams to show how he can use emotions to get someone to get what he wants. Abigail exaggerates things to get the audience and judges to react more than usual. In court, she and her sisters do things to attract the attention of the audience. He acts like he sees things and acts like people are torturing him to kill him or imprison him.

As for the trial, they feel bad for Abigail, leading them to believe that justice will be served once the convicted “witches” are imprisoned and executed. It’s not fair if you look at it from the perspective of convicted witches. The character also appears in The Crucible. Character is how a person manifests himself, using his characteristics and morals to determine who he is as a person. Throughout the movie, the human character could make anyone believe they are a witch. This is also seen as unfair because it is not really fair or ethical.

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In The Crucible, Miller uses the character to suggest that if someone is different, it could mean they are a witch. An example of a character in a movie is when Giles Cory just asks how someone’s day is going and he starts a fire. This proved that she was a witch because of how scary people found her. Justice is not seen here, because justice is based on equality and justice. One’s sentence is not fair, which makes the whole trial unfair. If someone in the town was not of good character, they could be accused of witchcraft.

Character is very important in the movie because it shows whether someone is a witch or not. In Arthur Miller’s The Crucible, injustice is represented by intellect, emotion, and character. Justice should be about equality and supreme justice. In the film, the city is told what the court has to say is fair or unfair. According to different points of view, some events are considered fair or impartial.

Crucible. Screenplay by Arthur Miller. Directed by Nicholas Hytner. Perf. Daniel Day-Lewis and Winona Ryder. Twentieth Century Fox, 1996. DVD.

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We use cookies to provide you with the best possible experience. By continuing, we assume you agree to our cookie policy2 Individual vs Society Salem is a close-knit community where private businesses do not exist. Puritan society required its members to follow strict guidelines for social order. These strict rules of conduct helped the Puritans withstand the persecution they faced in Europe, and after they arrived in America, they created a cohesive society that could withstand the harsh weather and Native American attacks common in 17th-century New England. Do such societies, which focus primarily on social order, thrive or die?

3 Individual and society. An overly rigid social order leaves no remedy for individual grievances. Over time, resentment will arise between people, they are ready to explode. The witch trials depicted in The Crucible can be seen as an attack on individuality: those accused and convicted of witchcraft were usually people who put their personal opinions and integrity above the will of society.

4 Examples and Quotations in Action 1. The crowd gathered downstairs in the Paris house indicates that a unified social order is being established. Witchcraft is not only a sin, but also a threat to the business and reputation of Paris (a threat to society). Paris – Rebecca Nurse, who feels cut off from society because of the pay and respect – Voice doesn’t believe the girls are under any kind of magic, Paris says that if the girls are conjuring spirits, he needs to know because his “enemies” will find out for sure and destroy him. He says there’s a group in town who want him fired. “Take it to heart, Mr. Parris. You almost don’t mention God anymore, because there are many people who are moving away from the church these days.” JOHN PROCTOR: You must understand, sir, that a man is either in this court or against that court, and there is no way between them. Danforth

5 Other examples Society – supports Abigail and the girls – Belief in their accusations Individual: Proctor – does not attend church regularly / his conflict with Paris over money and preaching style Haley – as an outsider – the accused begins to doubt Mary Warren – a part of society, but Proctor forces her to go beyond their influence, which in her opinion.

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6 Other examples Elizabeth – individual as accused – but allows public hysteria – she does not resist it. Hale – an individual – a voice of protest against the conduct of the proceedings – asks the proctor to admit a lawyer. Giles Corey – Individual – Refused to name source of character – Defending innocent – Imprisoned for his actions.

7 Judgment and Justice Salem does not have a fair justice system. People judge each other according to their whims and rational thinking is largely lacking. Litigation is used by individuals not to solve problems, but to seek revenge. Although many defendants are innocent, the lack of a fair and true justice system means that innocence is less important than those in power would like it to be.

In what sense is the word “judgment” used in these quotes? Judgment – Legal judgment of others – Moral Final judgment – Religious

10 more examples of justice – Haley strongly believes in the fairness of the trial, the acquittal of the innocent (names will be revealed) Proctor – no

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