How High Is 1000 Feet

How High Is 1000 Feet – Sketch of an 1852 proposal to convert the Crystal Palace into a skyscraper, by Charles Burton. The first building was temporary and built with modular materials, so this design would take those materials and reorganize them into a tower, coming in at a height of 1000 meters. The image was originally published by Ackermann & Co. of London.

Most people who know the history of modern architecture are familiar with the Crystal Palace. It was built in Hyde Park, London for the Great Exhibition of 1851, and was designed by Joseph Paxton. In the picture below, it was a temporary structure made of steel and glass modules, and it was the first of its kind. It was a hall building, with art exhibitions and productions. However, what most people don’t know is that after the show ended, an architect took parts of the Crystal Palace and renovated it into a tall tower. It was never built, of course, but it is an interesting proposal that takes advantage of the temporary structure of the original building.

How High Is 1000 Feet

Designed in 1852 by Charles Burton, the rendering of the tower is shown above. It’s easy to see how Burton took pieces of earlier designs and rearranged them, with simple, arched modules throughout. He also kept the height of the central hall at the base, and its main gate, and made a second plan for it. The other telescopes take in the tower as they ascend, along with four large obstacles. The single message changes from a square to a circular design in the second transition, which adds more energy to the structure. The overall effect is medieval, like a castle turret.

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Sketch of the original Crystal Palace, built as a temporary building for the 1851 Great Exhibition in London and designed by Joseph Paxton. The building was built with modular components, so it could be assembled and disassembled easily.

The deposit of every department of art and production of our government has been produced, and a selected collection of exotics from the four corners of the world, which the four cross sections in the project intend to represent.

Burton makes a strong case for his proposal for the castle by showing the cost of the material is reduced due to the pieces that have already been built. In his words,

There has never been such a good opportunity to build a great castle at such a low price. The property is easily accessible, and the surrounding area is easily accessible. The building, from the unusual elements of its design, creates its own scale, and the land that will live in it is less than one hectare, and, with the fence planned around the building, under four hectares.

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Floor plan of the 1852 proposal to convert the Crystal Palace into a large building, designed by Charles Burton.

It’s a surprisingly simple idea, which raises questions about whether it’s really true. The main issue is wind power. It’s one thing to design a low-rise building for temporary purposes, but it’s an entirely different challenge to build a 1,000-foot (305-meter) tower. Burton addresses this challenge with a central, octagonal group of columns that serve as the center of the tower. Shown in the floor plan above, this central building has several levels, each corresponding to one of the castle’s towers. There is no doubt that this will help withstand wind forces, but it remains to be seen whether the facade can do the same, given the temporary structure of the original building.

Sketch of an 1852 proposal to convert the Crystal Palace into a skyscraper, by Charles Burton. The original building was temporary and built with modular materials, so this design would take those materials and reorganize them into a tower, coming in at 1000 feet tall. Photo by Charles Burton.

Crystal Palace’s marketing, and the design itself, depended on standing. The image above places the tower in a park-like setting, and includes a series of tallest buildings from around the world, smaller than the 1,000-foot structure. Burton uses the concept of

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Expressing happiness with his proposal, and he also adds that London needs to put this building in order to strengthen its position as a world-class city. He goes on to talk about the need for man to escape to the surface of the earth by placing a public observatory on top of the tower. All the ingredients of a vertical platform are here, and it will be interesting to see what the community’s reaction will be if it is built.

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