How Fast Is 10 G’s

How Fast Is 10 G’s – 10GbE, short for 10 Gigabit Ethernet, is a set of technologies for a super-fast wired network that transmits data frames at 10 billion bits per second. Over the past decade we’ve seen advanced computers and drives that read files at 10Gbps; However, we are still stuck with 1G or 0.1G networks, which can easily feel like a bottleneck between devices. When inter-device switching quickly reaches the limits of your network, 10GbE is the answer.

It’s all about speed – 10GbE offers a transfer rate of 10 Gbps. To illustrate how fast this is – let’s convert it by file storage. 10 Gbps allows you to transfer a file at a speed of 1.25 GB/s when copying a file to another computer over the network. This is essentially equivalent to sending a 20 GB file in less than 20 seconds.

How Fast Is 10 G’s

More importantly, 10GbE is so fast that it exceeds the bandwidth of WiFi 6, NAS and multi-gig Internet access. 10GbE acts as a super-fast backbone to connect devices and improve your overall network performance.

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Nowadays, ISPs in many regions are starting to offer multi-Gig Internet access, and at this point, 10GbE WAN port becomes another choice to unleash all of your Internet functionality (2.5GbE and 5GbE are also optional).

However, most people don’t use 10Gbps for Internet access because 10GbE is amazing enough for what it can accomplish in a small-scale network.

In a small scale and home or studio network, tools like Airdrop or cloud storage allow for easy collaboration. However, as files get larger, bottlenecks arise between devices due to hours of waiting – many people still rely on USB drives to quickly share large documents.

“We’ve seen 10GbE in the enterprise networking industry for some time now, but I’m always excited to bring the bandwidth up to 10G levels for home users. Because the speed of sharing has now caught up with the storage industry – that means less wasted time. Now transferring files takes 90% less time than before. said Alan, an engineer and NAS enthusiast.

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With 10GbE, onboard storage becomes more feasible. Store your movies and music super fast and stream them from any authorized device; Open a large design file in seconds and easily collaborate with your friends; Or back up your computer in minutes to the network without using a USB flash drive. With a 10 Gbps network, all these tasks will only cost you 1/10 of the time compared to a Gigabit network and 1/100 of the time on a 100 Mbps network.

If you’re a content creator, independent developer, or big data consumer, 10GbE is a must-have technology. With the ultra-high bandwidth provided by 10GbE, it’s easy to download your days worth of footage, program files and precious memories to your centralized storage. This not only allows you to streamline your workflow, but also frees up storage space on your work tools, shortens wait times and dramatically improves overall efficiency.

As the wireless world rapidly enters the age of WiFi 6 and 5G, faster 10GbE is also coming to consumer products. So you need 10GbE? Check out our suggestions below:

If you match any of the above, you should at least upgrade your most demanding devices like your workstation, NAS server, or network gateway to 10GbE.

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Another tip: Since today’s WiFi technology can already easily hit the gigabit barrier, you should lay out your 10G-capable wires (see below) when laying out the house to consider scalability. future.

The first thing is the network gateway, which supports the connection of all devices at a rate of 10 Gbps. To maximize the value, you can add a 10G switch to the existing network. If you want to optimize performance, such as allowing wireless devices to enjoy higher bandwidth, you can get a WiFi 6 10G router.

The second point concerns customers. Mac Pro, iMac Pro, Mac Mini (2018, 2019, 10GbE release), and some high-end computer systems have 10 Gigabit Ethernet ports. When your clients don’t have 10GbE connectivity, you can equip them with 10GbE network interface controllers (NICs), often with Thunderbolt connectors and PCI-E connectivity. Remember to check if your current systems have these blank interfaces before making any purchase. Of course, your plan B could be if your 2.5 GbE device as a backup cannot meet the requirements.

So, ready to jump on the 10GbE network and experience explosive speeds? Let us know what you think of the social network with #tplink10gbe!

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