How Far Is San Antonio From Waco

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Visiting Austin has been on my travel bucket list for a while now. So when we had the opportunity to plan a trip to the city to celebrate Evan’s 30th birthday, I jumped! Plus, it was our first long trip together (oops) and we both made it out alive, so I guess that’s a good sign, no? ! ha. Seriously, it was so much fun planning and exploring this trip together. Since Austin is so close to several other cities, we decided to include a couple of day trips – one to Waco (because I’m basically a Fixer Upper fan) and one to San Antonio!

How Far Is San Antonio From Waco

I love Austin so much! I’ve heard comparisons to Portland so many times, I can totally see the connection. I think if I did a good comparison of places I’ve been before, I’d say it’s a mix of Portland and Nashville. Portland has the fashion and food scene, Nashville has an abundance of live music and a bit of a country vibe (though not as much as I thought). It’s also interesting because despite being close to a million people, Austin does seem manageable. For example, driving in downtown Seattle scares me, but we drove downtown and it wasn’t bad at all. Plus, the city is easy to navigate (and I’m a terrible navigator), so that says something. Define a strong city! So let’s discuss some things to do during your visit.

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That’s not to say it should surprise me, but one of my favorite things about my trip to Austin was the dirt! It did not disappoint! Between bomb grills, tacos, and plentiful food trucks, Austin’s food options are great! Here are some of my favorites

Austin is the capital after all! As we were looking for parking downtown, we ended up near the Capitol and decided to check it out, where we stumbled upon one of the starter tours. It was the first day of our trip, and I have to say, I knew a lot more about the Texas state capital than I do now about Washington. 🙈 I might be watching the Olympics soon! The tour was actually pretty cool and it was fun to learn some history before being free to walk around the building.

Under normal circumstances, I thought the thought of observing a bat might scare me a bit. While I loved trips to the Batcave as an adult… this is definitely a must see! Not only does Austin have a growing population, but it also has the largest urban bat colony! We decided to go on a boat trip along the water, not only good for seeing the bats but also learning more about the city and enjoying the sights. While tour buses can look tacky at times and maybe not so tacky at other times, they’re a great way to get a sense of the city you’re visiting. The tour was great, we learned a lot and saw a lot of bats. One and a half million, folks! But who will count them? Regardless of how many there are, if you’re visiting during high season (between May and October), be sure to take the time to see it.

You can’t come to Austin without going to a bar, right? ! I guess before the trip I was expecting the town to be a little more rural – I mean, this is Texas after all. If we learn to two-step while wearing a matching plaid shirt, we get country. No it wasn’t planned…yes we did get some crap from some people that night lol. No matter what you wear, it’s a fun little place in East Austin, and definitely one that seems to have more locals, which is cool.

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Austin is very into street art! Seriously, the city is so colorful, of course my little self who loves bold and pops of color ate it up! By the way, you can find some wall locations here. Here are some of my favorites.

Last but not least, Rainey Street is buzzing in Austin! It’s a bit like Bourbon Street or Broadway in Austin, and it’s a really interesting scene. There’s great live music in just about every bar, and plenty of outdoor space just about everywhere — perks of living in a warm climate. I think weekends can get pretty crazy (we were there on Wednesday and Thursday), but it’s fun and I think a lot of locals flock to this place, so it’s not just tourists. Some of my favorite places we visited:

When I realized that Waco is only an hour and a half from Austin, I had to include it in our travel itinerary! Fortunately for me, Evan agreed as soon as he suggested it. An absolute must-have for the die-hard Fixer Upper fan girl! Full disclosure, we visited Waco just to visit Magnolia Market and Silos Baking Co. I guess as a Waco resident, this might be a bit annoying…but at the same time it made Waco famous. I believe the local economy has benefited from this.

It’s funny because Waco is pretty much what I expected it to be. I’ve read a lot of reviews about downtown where people just think it’s not because of the TV show, but for me it did hit my expectations. My expectations may come from a small town (much smaller than Waco), but it pretty much fits my imagination of a small Texas town. But in fact, it’s not

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It’s small, with just 136,000 people, but it still has a small-town feel. It actually reminds us of Ellensburg, Washington, if you’re familiar.

In fact, one thing I didn’t expect was that the market was in the middle of the city! I guess since Chip and Joanna lived on a farm (not actually in Waco at all) I just imagined that the silos were supposed to be in the countryside and not that centralized, but I was surprised that they were actually downtown. . Maybe I missed this point in the show? The market and bakery are everything I dreamed about. I’m not one for crowds but we went on a Thursday and the place was so big it wasn’t too crazy all things considered – although I’ve heard Saturdays are tough! By the way, they are closed on Sunday, so Saturday is the only weekend.

We started by visiting bakeries to bake bread. Obviously the wait on weekends can get crazy, but we were well timed and only waited about 10 minutes. I also cannot give the staff enough support, everyone is so friendly and there is a system in place to make sure everyone gets the best experience on time. Cupcakes are also a delight. I had the pumpkin spice (of course) and Evan had the campfire – both seasonal options. I have always appreciated cupcakes with a good frosting to cake ratio and these are spot on!

The great thing about the basics is also that they are well thought out. They really created a space with the family experience in mind. The shop was a bit crowded, but I wasn’t expecting much. Honestly, I could have had some sweet tea and sat on the porch all day. They also have impressive food trucks, play areas for the kids, plenty of picnic tables and garden areas. Even the bathrooms are nice and not too crowded, I wish they were a zoo.

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If you’re a fan of the show, a day trip in the area is 100% worth it. There are also lots of cute little shops near the market, and the Dr Pepper museum if that’s your thing. We also played a bit of creeper status and went to some nearby houses that were being renovated. Just love their work!

The last stop on our trip was San Antonio and I have to say it even

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