How Far Is A Rod

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Yes The longer the rod, the further you can reach in the surf, and the more likely you are to target the fish where they are holding the most.

How Far Is A Rod

Don’t blame me. I firmly believe that fish, and sometimes really big fish, can be found just a few meters from shore, and you don’t have to walk hundreds of yards to get them.

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But when there is a lot of swimming and wading near shore, and when the tide is high, fish are most likely to lower their heads and seek safer, deeper waters. In this case, a good distance is necessary.

Personally, I believe the best rod length for surf fishing is 11-12 feet. This size is long enough for good casting distance, but not so long that it is difficult to fight in snags and fish.

Absolutely not! In fact, many anglers (some of whom are friends) use 7-8 foot rods for surf fishing and still get great results with no problems.

How do they do it? And how do they compensate for the shorter throw distance that comes with shorter sticks?

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From my experience and the opinion of my peers who use rods less than 10 feet in the surf, the answer is:

However, you should know that, whichever solution I choose, there are some compromises and considerations to be made.

In fact, choosing the above solutions can be counterproductive if you don’t consider the disadvantages and risks of each solution.

We’ll look at different things to try if you want to throw away with a short surf rod, as well as different things to keep in mind so you don’t damage your crops. So read on!

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If you want to cast farther with a smaller surf rod the first solution to consider is to increase the casting weight.

Yes, the heavier you carry, the farther you will be able to reach in the surf. Why? Because when you cast a line, a heavier lead will have more initial speed than a lighter one, and will therefore reach a different location.

But heavier depressants will resist air friction more, and so it will take longer to subside and fall into the water.

However, using too much weight will make the rods less sensitive, and it will be harder for you to tell what is happening on the other end of your line.

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That is, it will take the biggest bait fish, so you can detect a bite and do something.

Small fish can’t move a big rig much, and so when a bite happens, you’re not sure.

When the bite occurs, you need to make a sharp movement of the rod to get the hook in the fish’s mouth.

But when the lead is too heavy, it will absorb most of your energy, giving the fish more control and a chance to escape the net.

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Personally, I believe the best weight for fishing surf is 4 inches. However, if I am using a smaller surf rod and want to cast farther, I would consider using a 6oz sinker, and maybe an 8oz if the current is stronger.

Slow action of rod bends starting from the bottom, slow action of rod bending in the middle, fast action of rod bends in the upper part.

If you’re going to throw a small surf rod away, at least make sure it’s a slow action. Why? Because when you load the rod with a hard action, the force you create adds to the energy created naturally by the pole flex, and as a result, the line gets more power and more energy, which increases the overall casting distance. increases

Fast-action rods can cast a lot, but because they don’t pull as much, they don’t produce enough additional energy on the load, which reduces casting distance.

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But you have to remember that slow action rods are not recommended for surf fishing. Why? Because they are less sensitive, that makes it harder to hook and fight fish in the setting.

As the entire rod is bent, most of the energy you build to pull the rod will be lost, and as a result the line will take much less than you want it to. This gives the fish more control and time to escape the hook, and even if the fish is well hooked, it will take more time and energy to drag it to shore and land.

Within these channels, the current flows toward the open ocean and carries with it all the nutrients and nutrients deposited on the near shore.

For this reason, a short rod towards the channels will help you reach a greater distance, as the current will work for you and pull out the seafood.

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Additionally, baiting in the current will increase your chances of catching the biggest fish. Why? Because large predators use channels to get close to shore when they are looking for food and fish.

So make sure the line uses enough break strength, cast channels, free the line, and water your current bait where the buzzard, bluegill or redfish are biting the hook.

If you want to throw a rod away with a small surf, make sure to use a simple rod with small stuff attached.

Using too many hooks and extensions will increase wind drag when the line is pulled, which slows the rig down and reduces casting distance.

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In general, and no matter how long you use the rod, the single fish finder rig has the best line for surf fishing, not only because it attracts fish and a It is great to present the bait in an attractive way, but also because it is. They are simple to install and it helps to throw a good distance.

The use of aerodynamic weights, such as ball-shaped and egg-shaped sinkers, also reduces air friction, which helps to achieve better distance and increase the total pitch, so it hits more.

As the bait is made of metal, the rod has more initial speed when the line is pulled, and will therefore stay in the air longer.

Additionally, the use of artificial fishing lures can be very suitable for the beach, especially when targeting a specific type of fish, and when using lures that are specifically designed for fish. Gone are the ones you want to catch.

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Yes A thinner line will help you get more distance. how Because the line is smaller in diameter, it will experience less air drag and have more time before it falls into the water.

Yes, thicker line provides more strength and flexibility and is great for use with heavier fish and larger fish. But as the yard is bigger, it gets more wind pressure, and consequently doesn’t move away.

But if you are forced to use a thicker line because you are targeting larger fish, or because you are fishing in mixed and rocky seabeds, I recommend using a thinner line. Because they provide more strength without any discrimination of exact diameter.

Yes, the tide will give you much deeper water without casting too far. Duco Black Acetal Copolymer Rod 1 Inch Diameter, 6 Inch Length

Also, 2 hours around high tide are the best hours for surf fishing. Why? Because this is the time when the water is high and moving, which are the best feeding conditions for most fish.

A short surf rod used during these hours will surely be rewarded, even if it is a short distance.

As well as fishing at high tide, fishing at night and in the lowest hours of light is very productive and offers the possibility of finding a good supply of fish without being cast away.

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Again, fish closer to shore feel safer feeding when it’s dark, which helps them bite more.

In addition, it is more difficult for fish to see the hook and line in the dark. As a result, your bait will look more natural and attractive at night.

All these advantages of night surf fishing are great and very rewarding, especially when you have a small surf rod.

Casting the rod downwind will make your line faster, allowing it to travel farther in less time.

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But always check the wind direction and see if it is to the beach. Otherwise, if he is going to the beach, he will do it against you

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