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How Far Is 80 Miles – Junior Adventures Group (JAG) is proud to be the UK’s largest provider of before, during and after school activity clubs and holiday clubs, we have been building brighter futures for children for over 30 years.

Junior Adventure Group (JAG) holiday clubs run in over 160 locations across the UK. Providing exceptional experiences for every school holiday, the clubs are specially designed for children 4-12 and are packed with fun activities. From sports and games to crafts and creative sessions, no two days are the same. Our unique whole-child approach encourages each child to unleash their imaginations, nurture their individual talents, discover new skills and make friends in a safe, fun and engaging environment.

How Far Is 80 Miles

JAG’s before and after school fun and enrichment clubs run daily throughout the academic year, providing working parents with flexible child care solutions while their children enjoy participating. From sports and games to crafts and creative sessions, each of our multi-activity based programs is based on our whole child approach, meaning every child is inspired and supported to flourish through fun, safe, sociable experiences away from the classroom.

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At JAG, we believe that great experiences are even better when shared. That’s why our Refer a Friend scheme is designed to allow you and your friends to enjoy unforgettable adventures while saving big!

Refer your friend to enjoy the amazing experience for the rest of your June and July period booking or summer vacation club!

To unlock your seasonal discounts, your friend must be a recent recruit (new customer) of the JAG Squad! No copying allowed, friends! Let’s share the adventure to unlock extraordinary savings…

Our people are the key to our success: passionate, hard-working teams across the UK who make a positive difference to children’s lives every day. We are committed to providing world-class training and opportunities in everything from children’s coaching roles and camp managers to breakfast club work. Are you ready to land your dream role?

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Are you a school trust, local authority or academy looking for a one-stop solution that children, parents and partners love? Contact JAG today! Trust our professional services nationwide to provide a fun and exciting school experience. Explore school packages with our partners and join our growing JAG family.

There are a lot of activities that incorporate sports. Children develop their physical skills as they run, jump and navigate through space. They learn about rules and follow helpful instructions. This helps children with their listening and comprehension skills.

I find it great and there are always awesome things to do! They also have great snacks and everyone there has a lot of fun.

JAG has provided a safe, educational and fun environment for our children to experience PE and sport through its active school services. JAG provides an excellent standard of delivery in a professional organization and is a great addition to our school.

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Our DBS team of passionate, professionally trained staff are ready to welcome your child and immerse them in our exciting world of new fun opportunities. But it’s also important that you feel supported from the word go, so we’ve compiled a wealth of information to help you get started, from making your first booking to everything you can expect on your first day at one of the clubs ours. .

Welcome to JAG23/02/2023- Junior Adventure Group We are delighted to have launched our Junior Adventure Group (JAG) clubs in over 160 locations across the UK and we can’t wait for your children to start their adventure with us! Parental support

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