How Far Is 600 Yards

How Far Is 600 Yards – I will preface this article by saying that I have only shot 980 yards before and that was one loss to a SAKO rifle at last year’s Shot Show Range Day. The gun was all ready and dialed, so hitting steel with this gun was relatively easy. The best with my personal gun was 650 yards of steel with a SCAR17S. The 1000 meter shot was new territory for me.

This past Saturday, Tredd Barton of the Washington County Machine Gunners (WCMG) had his first 1,000 yard rifle match. Its range only reaches 140 meters, and they are currently working on 200+ meters. Therefore, this game was played in a private area.

How Far Is 600 Yards

Last month, my friend Joel and I went to Thunder Valley Precision to get ready for the game. TVP is the closest outdoor range to Pittsburgh that has a steel goal by a mile.

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Zooming in on my iPhone you can see the 1k yard white paper targets. Dark laundry room 600 meters. In the perpendicular line you can see 3 small groups of deserts. They are steel targets of 300, 400 and 500 meters. If you continue down and to the right, a 200 yard steel target on the lawn. The steel targets are 12 inch squares. At 400, 600, and 1000 meters, they also have torso-sized steel.

Here is a 600 meter range shot with my Meopta MeoPro80HD. On the fairway, between 11 and 12, you can find a 900-yard 12-inch steel target.

Joel used his 6.5 Grendel AR. He regularly shoots 700 yards, but rarely shoots 1,000 yards.

I used a Ruger America Predator (RAP) 6.5 Creedmoor and got a Viper PST 6-24x scope from another friend.

Took The 6.8 Out To 700 Yards

Joel and my friend Tom helped me get DOPE for the RAP to help me watch and understand it. I was able to hit this 1000 meter steel body three times in a row.

While I was at TVP, I found a 4×32 Browe BCO that I had borrowed from another friend. I was very impressed with the quality of the glass on this little optic. It has a 5.56 reticle but tested it in my .308 SCAR17S.

With Joel and Tom in sight, I was able to hit 600 yards with the Browe BCO and SCAR17S.

Was I ready for the 1k yard game? Maybe not, because I don’t know or understand long distance shots. However, I learned a lot with Joel’s help. Still, long range weapons are not what I use. In the past, I’ve rarely had my shots affected by changes in wind or temperature, and I’m pretty sure most of the changes were down to me rather than outside influences. This is where I first learned how heating the barrel changes the POI. When I shot farther than normal, I could see how the wind affected my surroundings.

Would Appreciate Input On 600 Yard Target

While my experience at TVP under Joel’s supervision and support was great, none of that helped the Washington County Machine Gun 1k yard match. Why? Because I left my RAP 6.5 Creedmoor rifle at a friend’s house in South Carolina when I went to the FN SCAR Owners Group shoot.

So what should I do? I didn’t have time to go back to SC and get my gun. So I decided to use the SCAR17S. I was out of dope for the ammo I had and had two spares that I could use at short notice. My Primary Arms Platinum 1-8x and Browe BCO. The game was only $25, so leaving the game a day early wouldn’t be a huge loss. But how often do I get a chance to shoot 1k yards? It’s not often even about 2 hours away by TVP.

So I decided to do it and have fun. I was sure that I would be able to hit something, and I was right. I only managed one shot at 600 yards.

WCMG 1k yard game at 560 yards, 600 – 1000 yards. The actual fields were several meters higher than the initial plan. In the picture below, you can see an open mound of colorful grass. Iron targets here. Below, where the road ends and you can see the shadow, are the 560 meter iron targets.

Stretched My 11.5

We started shooting steel at 560, 600, 700 and 800 meters. Each shooter fires five shots per range. No spotters except calling hits. The first shot takes 4 minutes per line to fire five shots. Others are given 3 minutes. That’s why Tredd has the other shots on deck and ready to go. So they had time to adjust when firing the previous shot.

17 shots were fired. Two of the shooters had to leave due to equipment failure. One shooter stopped his .9k .338 Lapua because of a trigger failure. It is believed that the match was broken by the fire pin. But TVP’s Tom Sarver found out. Another shooter was using a 6.5 Creedmoor Ruger Precision rifle and his Nikon barrel died.

This shot was one of the best. He went one by one until he reached 800 meters.

Two of the pistols had these leather sheaths for their boots. Very useful for cleaning the neck and keeping the gun within the rules of the game. Leave the tiles or place the flags.

Halo Cl300 Hunting Rangefinder, 300 Yard Range, 5x Magnification, Batteries Included

When Joel and I were at TVP, we met two other guys who were filming the same game as us. Terry and Ben. They used a Celestron Ultima65 18-55×55 scope. I was impressed with its capabilities for its size and price. Bought for about $140.

To shoot at 900 and 1000 meters, we had to go back 200 meters to the top of the hill.

Apart from the fact that there was zero dope in these distances, I was blind again. Browe BCO 556 has a reticle that only goes out 800 meters. Arms Primary 1-8x has the same problem, it only goes to 800. Below is an approximate screenshot of my hand and sight picture for shooting at 900 yards. Joel suggested that I take the 800 meter BDC 3 feet higher than the 900 meter target.

Amazingly, I came very close to my goal of 900 meters. The problem was that I couldn’t find my effect to make any adjustments, I finally found my third shot. Corrected, burned the 4th and corrected again. My fifth shot was much closer.

Eotech Exps 3 0/g45 @ ~600 Yards

It was interesting to see the struggle of people. Many of them trained similar distances, but the wind, heat and perhaps the terrain made it difficult. Joel struggled with the 560 yard class but was able to shoot all other distances.

The guy with the bandana was really cool. He made every shot, and with order. He hit the smaller 12-inch plates without waiting for them to spin.

Yuri B. hit the 10 inch plate 1010 yards with his last two shots to win.

The Washington County Machine Guns will host a game again in September. I won’t see RAP 6.5 until October. Joel can pick it up for me when he goes to Myrtle Beach in August, but that’s not much time to practice on the gun. I’ll just borrow a better scope and try to use the SCAR17S some more. I hope I can do better next time. If I redouble my effort, I might get two hits.

Built This Remington 700 Five Years Ago And Took It Past 100 Yards For The First Time Today. A 600 Yard Range Just Opened Up 20 Mins From My House. With A

The game was really fun. I like it if we use spotters to make corrections. Most shooters, even with good optics, had trouble seeing their effects. Some answers would be greatly appreciated. Your rifle is only as accurate as you make it. Here’s how to find it for tight bunches and long-range shooting.

Last weekend, Wes and I headed to the nearest public arena in Los Angeles with the intention of finding the new Weatherby Mark V Ultra Lightweight and blasting those pesky steel sheep and goats. I’m going to tell you what accuracy means and what you need to know to prepare it for the perfect shot.

The Weatherby Mark V Ultra Lightweight weighs no more than 6 pounds and weighs less than 7 pounds with coverage!

Even if LA doesn’t scream “let’s go shoot!” There are several ranges in close proximity suitable for long range rifles. I come from Arizona where possible

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