How Far Is 400 Yards

How Far Is 400 Yards – About a year and a half ago I got my first Precision 22lr, the Vudoo v22. If you know anything about high end 22s, you’ll know that they come with a hefty price tag and reasonable expectations. Well, let me tell you, this was not a good thing, and it does not disappoint when it comes to justice. However, after a few matches, you will find that you need to cut a section. So, of course, I talked to some friends who are interested in dropping tires, and got on my next two steps: testing the lot and controlling the dope from afar. This story mentions the past but focuses on the back and open-ended findings of why Micro Edges do what they do at a distance.

To put some perspective on what you’re reading, I don’t think I’m talking about the Bible or the law or anything like that. I hope this idea inspires you, the reader, as you move forward on the path to self-improvement. I want this to be a conversation starter to see if people see a similarity or difference, or see if they come up with a rhyme or reason for how 22 is far away. However, the results you read will depend on the theories I’ve heard, and that may influence my decision to move forward with a side decision.

How Far Is 400 Yards

Like I said, it all started with a lot of testing. Obviously, loading for rimfire is not a simple task, so to find the perfect fit for your rifle, you can not only find a brand that shoots well, but you can go to find the best bit. and buy whatever you can afford or get your hands on. Many know how to send your rifle to Lapua for testing. Many people know a number of suppliers who will send you ammo from many different lists and let you try it out. This is the way I went. I tested 5 Center-x groups and 10 groups at 100 yards came out just under .7 MOA. Suffice it to say that this is better than any time I can shoot in the middle. And I liked it. But what next? Looking for steroids far enough to get to BC is very real. Thus comes the main topic of this article.

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Let me quickly explain my goal process. My main motivation for this is the new NRL22x chain at 400 yards. In my mind, I wanted to be able to shoot that distance to be honest. So, I found a quiet morning, I set up targets every 50 yards from 200-400, and planned to fire 5 shot groups at a time to get a group at least to where to climb. Fortunately, I am connected with a good friend (and costume ball wizard) Lou Smith IV who has Mr. Miyagi during his DOPE awakening. I tell you this with my eyes open…. I will not be ready.

Now that we have our newly identified targets, drawn, we set up our shooting position. The Kestilers rode on the weather vane, two Labradors for the assurance that all the shots caught 40 small grains of wheat, several screens and a Phoneskope, and most importantly, a database of the design itself. Lou is involved in capturing the point of impact on the target. at the corresponding speed for each shot. I can’t imagine how much this story is.

I started the morning with my wife shooting the Vudoo in a McMillan A-10 topped with a Burris XTR3 5.5-30×56 and shooting Lapua Center-x ammo. This is very informative and the best for what we watch. I started today with a .140 G1 BC in a kestrel and 1085 fps for velocity.

Using a 200-yard 14-inch scope in a 3-mph wind at 5:00, I set out to set up a .79 MOA group with high elevation and right of center ( i.e. a head shape). Lou recorded the shot locations as he watched with a genuine Leupold scope and the velocities of each shot. amazing collection! Accepted 17 ES. 1085 on FPS is a little high for speed but nothing crazy. We will move.

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Next, I shot a 5-shot group at 250 yards, a 16-inch flat assuming no wind. The first two shots were almost dead center at 1086 and 1082 fps, or my input speed. Shot 3 is slightly higher and reads 1089fps. interesting. The 4th shot reads 1082 and goes straight back to the original stack, followed by the 1095fps shot that hits 5 inches and then starts clicking in my head. There may be speculation here. However, the 1.7 MOA group with the 22lr at 250 yards relative to elevation and windage, I don’t think is anything to be crazy about.

Now it moves to 300 yards. 24-inch board is 4 mph from the 5:45 direction. Captures 1 and 2 fall just above right of center with their readings of 1091 and 1086 fps. The third shot reads 6 fps higher than the 1097 and hits 6 inches or higher. Make 4 bends. By extension, I can see that it drops to 8 inches or less from photos 1 and 2. “This has to be slow,” I urged Lou. True, 1069 fps. Shot 5 also clocks in at 1095fps and is nearly as high as Shot 3, so we’re starting to see both trends. Not only are the high and low speeds invisible, but the clusters grow vertically at a rate “faster than proportional to distance”.

350 yards and 400 yards are about the same. The 350-yard group was one of the poorer stars of the day, and it came with some very familiar sounds. The 400 was really bad because the fifth shot was a mistake, forcing me to take the 6

Fired about 5 shots on target. Shot 5 was the fastest shot of the day at 1101, and we saw it go down just after the target, a mistake on top. The other five shots were 12 ES in the middle, and hopefully he would have had the second best vertical spread of the day if not for the fifth shot.

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I could go on and on about the rest of the day, but it will be short. Lou lay behind his Knightforce ATACR, Envy XLR chassi’d Vudoo v22 and fired three different types of ammo: Group Rifle Match, Lapua Center X, and Midas+. The results are the same, of course, regardless of the ammo. The big groups at 200 and 250, my head is far away in the center of the height, and the shots can be lowered to the number when you see where it lands on the level.

Above is a chart that compiles the data I discussed about goals earlier in this article. The only thing that needs to be clarified is the group height / speed. It was obviously the very large but predictable vertical lines that caught my attention. However, given the huge difference in ES between groups (and my strong belief that all FPS count), I wanted to come up with a value to represent ES. So, I divide my group height in MOA by ES in FPS.

Although more experiments need to be done and some variables removed to be considered formally scientific, I think some informative conclusions can be made. First, the question I hear all the time (and the answer is very difficult) is what prevents the tires from settling? Gun or ammo? Well, I guess I should put my money on ammo. I mean, for the shots to be called like I said we can do it, the gun has to do it all the time. Also, gun inaccuracy can cause a rapid fire to have low range or a slow rate of fire. As mentioned above, it did not happen.

However, this does not diminish how impressive the ammo is. For example, it’s easy to draw 10-shot groups at 100 yards that most firearms loads would envy. In addition, when we know that even normal fire programs can be affected differently from BC bullet to bullet. The BC should kill the bullet to create a vertical line and velocity, and stay centered on the elevation at 400. I really expected the BC to bleed at 400 yards and the same. shown, 140 were listed in total. But the ES is very fast

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