How Far Is 1 4 Of A Mile

How Far Is 1 4 Of A Mile – How long has it been since production Teslas started killing muscle cars at quarter mile drag races? Well, apparently not for long enough, because watching these battery-powered family cars come out victorious against loud and mean muscle cars just didn’t get old.

You’d think that everyone involved in amateur drag racing would know about these mysterious silent vehicles that appear every now and then, win a few races – sometimes lose, of course – and then go find an electric outlet to charge their gas tank. You would think You’d think that the announcer at a car show should recognize the Model S more than anyone else. But you’d be wrong.

How Far Is 1 4 Of A Mile

In his defense, it should be emphasized that he also has some problems identifying the other car that took part in the first race. The Tulsa Raceway Park MC narrows the options down to two, Trans-Am or Camaro, but ends up choosing the wrong one. It was indeed a Camaro Z/28 and not a Pontiac.

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Finishing the first race with a respectable 10:48, the announcer quickly does his homework and by the time Tesla’s second race nears the start, he knows the name of the vehicle he’s looking at. He also knows he’s betting on EVs, and considering it’s a record-breaking run, he’s been proven right. We received a new believer.

At 10 seconds 45, the Tesla Model S Performance with the active Cheetah launch mode just set a new 1/4 mile record for this model. And, as DragTimes’ Brooks astutely points out, there was some wheel-spinning during the warm-up, which means there may be room for improvement.

As exciting as this is, something Brooks says in the first part of the video should get you excited. He teases an upcoming drag race between the Model S and the Porsche Taycan Turbo S that one of his friends recently bought, which is really the showdown we’ve all been waiting for. It will be deadly quiet, but also deadly fast. And probably quite close.

“Boy meets a car, boy loves a car, boy graduates with a degree in journalism and begins writing and editing a car magazine” – 5/5. (Vlad Mitrache, if there was a movie)

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TESLA Roadster Coupe Convertible TESLA Cybertruck Fullsize Pickup TESLA Model S Large TESLA Model S Luxury TESLA Model X Large SUV All TESLA Models During last weekend’s NHRA New England Nationals qualifying show, NHRA on FOX analysts Brian Lohnes and Tony Pedregon hinted at the potential from Top Fuel. and The Funny Car, which will return to the 1/4 mile in a limited capacity in the near future, has sparked a chatter storm on the world wide web, prompting statements – many of them unfavorable – from drivers and race teams. Their comments were the first to be made publicly by NHRA staff in more than a decade on the subject of 1/4-mile nitro racing, and the fact that the subject was featured in an NHRA-produced program lends some degree of validity to the rumor. .

In the following days, various sources close to the organization confirmed that the topic was on the table at the NHRA offices in Glendora, California. NHRA senior director of public relations and communications Jessica Hatcher confirmed Wednesday that discussions had taken place on the issue but declined to comment further.

Up to this point, there have been rumors of a move to 1/4 mile competition only at select venues with the stopping ability to stop the cars safely. Phoenix and Gainesville are the two longest tracks on the tour, and Virginia Motorsports Park and Houston Raceway Park are both among the longer tracks overall. Most places record with about 2,400-2,600 feet of stop length, with some a bit longer and others (such as Pomona) shorter.

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One of the main hurdles the NHRA would have to overcome is the speed limit the cars can now reach through the extra 320 feet. And would the tires handle it. The organization successfully reduced speed through changes to the cars and compounds to prepare the track in 2019 – Mike Salinas posted a season best speed at Pomona at 334.30 and John Force did the same in Funny Car at 333.74, both well below Robert Hight’s fall 2017. hit a record high speed of 339.87 mph. Hight’s blast was faster than any 1/4 mile speed ever recorded, surpassing the 337.58 mph mark set by Tony Schumacher in 2005. In September 2017, Dom Lagana posted the fastest Top Fuel run in history – 338.35 mph – in the 1/4 mile. in Michigan in 4.485 seconds.

Of course, there’s also the issue of cost: significant changes to the team’s programs to convert their combination between 1,000 feet and 1/4 mile could prove too much for those with less and less funding, at a time when sponsorship is increasingly hard to come by. . of.

Ultimately, the decision may come down to the drivers and team owners, without whom the NHRA has no on-track product. It should be noted that it was the members of the Professional Race Owners Organization (PRO), not the NHRA, who were in Denver in 2008 after the tragic death of Scott Kalitta a month earlier.

“The PRO Board of Directors wholeheartedly and unanimously supports this decision,” said then-President Kenny Bernstein when it was announced on July 2, 2008. “We want to thank the NHRA for listening to our input and suggestions to include this those changes. None of us forget that this is a change in our quarter-mile history, but it is the most immediate adjustment we can make in the interest of safety, which is paramount to all. This may be a temporary change and we realize it’s not a complete answer. We’ll continue to work hand-in-hand with the NHRA to evaluate other methods to make Top Fuel and Funny Car competition safer so we can return to the standard of quarter-mile racing.”

Rauschenberg: The 1/4 Mile”

It all begs the question: 12 seasons after the controversial move to shorten the traditional race distance — a move that some still condemn and say will spell the end of the NHRA — does it really matter anymore? The NHRA has enjoyed a resurgence in popularity in recent years, selling out many venues it has never sold out before. Television viewership is also on the rise, and the competition is as good as it hasn’t been in a long time.

No longer an experiment or temporary safety measure, it has become the de facto standard in nitro racing and even boat racing around the world. Top Fuel has been competing in the NHRA Championship Elimination for 55 years, meaning that a 1,000-foot race has now been a part of more than 20 percent of its history (almost 25 percent for Funny Car). Despite what detractors have shouted from the rooftops for the past 12 years, the move doesn’t appear to have had a long-term ill effect on the NHRA, its nitro categories, or the fan base. Finally, at what cost could this experiment affect the health of fuel racing, simply to appease a small group of fans who may or may not buy a ticket?

There is certainly a time and place for a return to the 1/4 mile – namely, when and if sponsorship becomes more generous and the NHRA and PROs can agree on cost-cutting measures that won’t hurt teams changing their mix. But today is not that day, as much as we would like to see candles lit at 1,320 feet.

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We promise not to use your email address for anything other than exclusive Power Automedia Network updates. Rockingham Dragway, the premier venue in the Carolinas, offers racers, fans and sponsors a seasonal mix of competitive events, from fun shows like the GM Performance Super Chevy Show and ADRL Dragstock to special events like the National Bikers Roundup, which brought what was. estimated by the Department of Commerce to be $40 million when it was last on track in 2004

Although “The Rock” has been in continuous operation for nearly 40 years, it underwent a rebirth in 1992 when it was purchased by Steve Earwood, who transformed it from a facility that produced only two major races each year to one that now runs weekly from February to november

Rockingham Dragstrip is located just 2 hours and 33 minutes away from our shop in the

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