How Does Juliet Speak Yet Say Nothing

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‘Why you’ is one of Shakespeare’s most famous lines spoken by Juliet in the play Romeo and Juliet. After meeting Romeo at a party thrown by her father to celebrate her engagement to Paris, Juliet goes to her room. She enters the balcony and, unable to get the handsome young Romeo Montague out of her mind, she sighs and speaks her thoughts aloud.

How Does Juliet Speak Yet Say Nothing

When they first arrive, most schoolchildren think they want to know where Romeo is. His teachers often had to coax him, because ‘mula’ is one of those modern English words we’ve lost, but in this case it seems to be our word.

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Shakespeare’s language is not difficult to understand because it is very similar to the English we speak today, except that some words have been lost or otherwise evolved. For example, Juliet or nurse Romeo is a

Young people are obviously good-looking or good-looking. If you talked about him, one

They always say he is a child or a slave. There are many such words in Shakespeare, but the texts are difficult to decipher. The meaning is usually more clear when read in context.

However, ‘therefore’ is a bit tricky as it can be confusing. In the Renaissance, English means ‘why’. So Juliet asks “Why Romeo?”

The Curse Of Romeo And Juliet

This is an expression of Juliet’s fear that this new love will fail. There is an ancient feud between the Capulets and the Montagues in Verona. He is a Capulet and Romeo is a Montague. None of this will happen as there is an unshakeable atmosphere of enmity between the families.

They are afraid of failure because they give priority to love and marriage. And, as he feared, it led to failure.

In the text Juliet is neither Romeo nor Romeo Montague, but wishes he had a different name. It doesn’t matter what Montague’s name is as long as it’s not the son’s name. If the boy you are in love with is from a different family, it is not good. The implications of the feud weigh heavily on him, as it does throughout the play. In his view, if he changes his name, or, if he changes his name, he remains the same person. “What’s in a name?” he said. “A rose by any other name would be sweeter.” Not because of Romeo’s name, but because of the boy she loved, who made her love him regardless of his name. Too bad he’s a Montague. Then she sighed, “Why Romeo.”

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