How Do You Spell Keisha

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Tell us about where you’re from – and your country I’m a proud Kamillaroi woman born in Darkingong Country on the Central Coast of NSW. My family is originally from Walgate NSW

How Do You Spell Keisha

Talk us through your modeling journey so far… I’ve been modeling for two and a half years. It was always something I wanted to try, but once I started I couldn’t stop. I started working as a full-time model earlier this year and I really love it and I’m excited to see what the future holds.

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We spoke on set about your tribalism, and how you connected with culture in your teenage years.. Tell us about that journey, and what it meant to you?

Reconnecting with my culture gave me a sense of identity, it helped me understand who I am and my place in this world, but most importantly it brought me back to my family and culture that I had been separated from since childhood . Strong person and helps me find my voice

You’ve also mentioned how vocal you’ve been about Black Lives Matter for recent world events and how it’s been at the forefront of everyone’s minds—what does the rise of the movement say to you? How was it different for you when you were singing before?

To me the BLM movement was just another day These issues were very real to the BLM movement and are prevalent in today’s society I didn’t quite understand the “trend”. I find it disappointing that a man in America – George Floyd – continues to lose his life at the hands of the police and the video goes viral for people in Australia to see it in their own backyard where the statistics do not are the same. Bad I think it really opened a lot of people’s eyes to these issues, but it also showed our ignorance as a country and how uneducated we are about these issues. I actually see people using it as a trend and it’s not good because it’s everyday life for me and my mobsters.

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What changes do you see in the fashion industry? Greater representation of black models and acceptance of different hair textures!

If you weren’t modeling now…what would you be doing? I have no idea at all, but I feel like I belong there!

What is your personal style? Recently I’ve started to invest more in my fashion, I love wearing tribally owned labels. This is another form of my activism, you don’t always have to call out to protest in the street, which I also do and enjoy being different, but if you walk on the street with a jumper on a normal day. Saying “always will always be” (tribal land) makes people uncomfortable, stares and questions my fashion choices, then I do my job and it makes me stronger.

If there are no border restrictions, where do you want to go first? Melbourne so I can see my best friend and give her a big hug 😣

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You were recently on a shoot with your sisters – we are obsessed with these photos! Tell us about the shoot..

The shoot was shot in my own backyard on the Central Coast and celebrates my relationship with my younger sisters. They are so sweet and funny and I’m so glad they got to experience a working day in their big sister’s life I feel it gave them some much needed confidence and inspiration especially for Lynette as she loves photography so it was cool for her to see behind the scenes and what it takes to get “the shot”. He recently got a camera for his birthday so I can’t wait to see how his little journey develops and what the future holds for him. As for Barbie, I lost count of when she asked me for my next shoot 😆 She loved it! Lol

What is there for you? Next up for me is a move from the central coast to Sydney All my modeling work is based in Sydney and I’m ready to take it to the next level I also want to be close to my family wherever my home is

Do you want to share something? I think I have it all, but I had a ball shooting with the spelling thanks sm sm ies is a unique modern baby name for girls. As a variation of a popular Swahili Swahili name, Kisha has striking qualities in popular culture. Keesha is the name of a coming-of-age literary universe by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes, and Keesha is also its main character.

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Kisha is a variation of the name Kisha The name has several possible origins Firstly, Kisha is a diminutive form of Lekisha The name is derived from the Swahili word

(which means “beloved” or “very happy”). Second, some scholars connect Kisha with the Arabic name Ayesha (meaning “living” or “good”). You can see this effect in common spellings like Kishia Finally, some linguists believe that Kisha comes from the Hebrew name Kezia (קְצִיעָה). The name means “cassia tree”, “cinnamon” or “sweet aromatic herb”.

Kisha is an alternative spelling of Kisha The name is derived from a Swahili word meaning “love”. In East African countries such as Kenya and Tanzania, names such as Kisha or Kipenzi appear as names or nicknames for first-born daughters. The symbol of this family relationship is the acacia tree

According to the Social Security Administration Index in 2010, Kisha was the 16,946th most popular baby name for girls.

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