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How Do You Say Shelf In Spanish – While the five bodies were kept in the mortuary, a team of workers was directly working to build the above burials. The dead were waiting for construction work to be completed, like a couple who bought an apartment without a blueprint. Once the resorts were finished, they would be their final resting places.

The same cemetery in San Martín de Valdeiglesias has been hit by the Covid-19 epidemic. The local council of this town, located on the western border with the province of Ávila in the Madrid region, was forced to build 24 vertical pits to store the remains of the victims of the coronavirus. There are no empty graves left.

How Do You Say Shelf In Spanish

The villagers began to realize the magnitude of the tragedy when Cesar disappeared from their lives from one day to the next. He was a 50-year-old man with Down syndrome and loved by the locals. Sometimes he worked as an altar boy during mass, or played drums in the municipal orchestra, or stood in the front of an official ceremony hosted by the mayor. They said he had talent everywhere.

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Workers had to build as many sites as quickly as possible. Before the new cement was finished, the attackers placed the first boxes there

Cesar fell ill in March. His mother who lived with him since he was born contracted this disease. He died on March 25. Three hours later, Cesar was gone. After a private ceremony, they were buried together in the same grave. Under other circumstances, Caesar’s body would have been suitable for Pharaoh.

Then came the death toll: 133 people out of 8,500 people, which is 1.5% of the total. Most of the victims lived in three homes for the elderly and two centers for people with learning disabilities. But the virus also spread among the residents of the old quarter of the city, killing very old locals, some by the hundreds.

When she started her job more than a year ago, Mayor Mercedes Zarzalejo realized that there was no space in the cemetery. In the summer of 2019, he ordered the construction of eight graves, each of which will hold five coffins. “Just a few years,” he thought at the time. He had no idea what would happen. The spread of this virus, which started on the other side of the world, destroyed these plans. Soon all the empty graves were filled and death began to come. Workers had to build as many sites as quickly as possible. Before the new cement was finished, the attackers placed the first boxes there.

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This type of direct burial, common in Spanish cities such as Madrid, is not common in many towns and villages – at least not in San Martin. The municipal authorities initially objected to the families saying they wanted to bury their relatives as usual. Others agreed to the marriage on the condition that the remains be transferred after burial.

“It’s been a while since I started paying attention,” the mayor explained in his office. “At the beginning of the year, the place and the grave were still there. But then came Covid and people started dying. Meanwhile, the coffins are piled up in the cold morgue. You won’t sleep when something like this happens.”

Before expanding the cemetery, the mayor will need funding from the Madrid regional government to build a wall. Without it, the earth would move and there would be landslides – the boxes would move like a river.

While the documents for that aid are still awaited, Zarzalejo has built eight more cemeteries, the same number as last year. To meet these expenses, he used the money to spend on the local festivals, which would become the biggest annual entertainment in the area. Some accused him of spending money on funeral services that should be spent on rituals.

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If we have another wave of the virus, I don’t know what we will do. Mayor Mercedes Zarzalejo said there is no place for the dead

In the cemetery, the date of death in some nests is written in wet concrete: 11-6-2020, 20-5-2020 … Some of them have names, for example, Segismundo or Alexander. They were residents of a regional center in Madrid, which housed prisoners, drug addicts, the homeless and mentally ill people at the end of their lives. Most of them pass away without contacting their relatives, and when it is decided that no one will take care of their bodies, the funeral expenses are borne by the council. Their bodies were the ones that spent the most time in the freezers. From now on, the bodies of those who died under similar circumstances will be buried in a common place. “We agreed to build more cemeteries,” explained the mayor. “We are doing it now. I copied the example from Madrid City Hall, and they are doing the same. Sixteen went in there.

“If we have another wave of the virus, I don’t know what we will do,” he adds. “There is no place for the dead here.”

The San Martín de Valdeiglesias Cemetery has grown to capacity not only because of the bodies buried there, but also because the graves that will one day be buried there have been kept for decades. A stroll through the area reveals flower-adorned granite tombs without coffins. They are empty. For example, in the archives, Sánchez García, the family that bought the land. Now the mayor has prevented such an incident. Families who want to pay for a grave must first have a body to fill it.

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The first grave in the cemetery is that of a man named Felicisimo. His name is engraved in marble. This is a lucky place, for first time visitors. But Felicisimo is alive and kicking. “Yes I am,” he confirmed on the phone. He is 95 years old and was a parish priest until he retired in 2004 and took up residence.

It was not his idea to put his name on the tombstone before he died – that was done by his successors, as he understood, in good faith. He is not comfortable in his grave because he met many people during his long life and some may mistakenly believe that he is no longer with us. Little does he know that he no longer receives so many guests – a few of his former students and his former driver. The most famous man in the cemetery offers the date: “Come to me whenever you want.” To keep user data safe, your web browser does not support older versions. Please update to the latest version.

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