58 Of What Is 63.4

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Depending on the product category, the door can be made of wood or wood covered with a metal plate

58 Of What Is 63.4

The hinged front panel hinges at the bottom, opening into the box, and the panel closes with a metal clip.

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The base of the box consists of two narrow wooden bars placed underneath, which may not be present in all boxes.

Condition: Good, may show signs of long-term storage (minor scratches or discoloration, rust marks on lid, paint peeling in places; most #4 boxes have tar on exterior surface)

We do not deliver the box outside of Romania. The customer has the option to personally pick up the boxes from one of our warehouses in the city of Bihor or use the services of a courier. Details will be discussed over the phone.

Wooden Military Surplus Storage Box – Romanian Army Surplus – Number 1 – 73 x 54 x 57 cm

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Wooden Military Surplus Storage Box – Romanian Army Surplus – Number 3 – 65 x 37 x 46 cm

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