300 Dollars Is How Many Euros

300 Dollars Is How Many Euros – The euro fell to a 20-year low below $0.99 after fears that Russia’s cutoff of its main gas supply to Europe could trigger an energy crisis in the region.

In recent months, the exchange rate has become more closely related to the price of natural gas, while the price of the energy source has risen, while the value of the euro has fallen.

300 Dollars Is How Many Euros

Europe is scrambling to cut supplies from Russia and build stockpiles ahead of a cold winter, but investors believe the impact on the economy will be significant.

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Rising gas prices and a general downgrade in sentiment in the Eurozone due to Russia cutting off natural gas supplies are pushing the common currency lower. The over-reliance on Russian gas in major economies such as Germany and Italy has unsettled investors, with economists predicting a faster and more painful recession in the euro zone than in the US.

Added to this is the difference between the US and the Eurozone. The US Federal Reserve has been more aggressive in raising interest rates to fight inflation. While the US central bank has raised key rates to 225 basis points since March, the European Central Bank (ECB) has raised it by 50 basis points so far.

ING’s chief economist for Germany and Austria, Carsten Brzezczyk, told ING: “The money will reach a point where it is more profitable.”

The US dollar is also benefiting from the defensive call. Amid the gloom, doom and uncertainty surrounding the global economy, investors are taking comfort in the relative safety of the dollar, which is currently less exposed to some of the world’s major risks.

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Parity basically means that 1 dollar buys 1 euro. It’s just a psychological level of market participants who are known to love round numbers.

At many levels of parity, there is a point of resistance where Euro bulls and bears lock horns to see where the currency goes from there. That’s what happened last month when the euro’s parity collapsed. The currency narrowly avoided closing below par after briefly falling to that level.

A sliding euro will add to the burden on European households and businesses with high inflation. A weak currency makes imports, which are mostly bought in dollars, more expensive. When these goods are raw materials or intermediate goods, their high cost increases the domestic price even more.

Why The Euro’s Weakness Is A Big Deal

In normal times, a weak currency is considered good news for exporters and economies like Germany, because it increases exports by making the dollar cheaper. But these are normal times because of global supply chain conflicts, sanctions and the war in Ukraine.

“I think the benefits of a weak currency outweigh the downsides in the current geopolitical tension,” Brzeski said.

But for American travelers to Europe, a weak euro is a boon. For example, at par, they could exchange their $1,000 for 1,000 euros instead of less than 900 euros in February. In other words, their dollar will be worth more. For companies importing European goods, things will be cheaper in dollars.

Nomura International strategists predict the euro could fall to $0.95. American investment bank Morgan Stanley predicts the currency will fall to $0.97 this quarter.

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As the European Union seeks to cut off Russian oil and gas, it is scrambling to find alternatives for fear of power outages and power outages. This resulted in high energy costs.

“The rising energy import bill is negative for the euro and the short-term outlook to September remains tight on the EUR/USD parity,” George Saravelos, head of foreign exchange research at Deutsche Bank, said in a note to clients.

“While the ongoing energy crisis will have a negative impact on the EUR/USD, some post-summer European concerns are likely to have subsided,” he said, citing rising and higher LNG imports. – Lower than expected demand for gas as industry switches to other fuels.

A weak euro and eroding inflation will add to the challenge for the European Central Bank, which has started its acceleration cycle much later than its peers.

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To make matters worse, the central bank tasked with taming inflation not only saw the euro weaken against the dollar, but also against currencies like the Swiss franc and the Japanese yen.

“This is now starting to translate into a little bit of broader weakness in the euro and therefore a more inflationary issue for the ECB,” said Viraj Patel, foreign exchange strategist at Wanda Research.

The slide was one of the reasons the central bank announced a 50 basis point rate hike in July, double the rate it had indicated in June.

Berlin understands that it will never again import as much power from Russia as it did before the war in Ukraine. So the challenge is to get rid of Germany’s dependence on Russian energy sources and quickly. The question is how.

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Gazprom said the Nord Stream 1 pipeline, which supplies Russian gas to Europe, would be shut down for three days. The Ukrainian nuclear company believes that Russia will “provoke” the Zaporizhzhia plant.

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