30.50 An Hour Is How Much A Year

30.50 An Hour Is How Much A Year – Hello! Today I have a great article from Brian Winch. Brian makes money collecting garbage (that’s over $650,000 a year). I’ve been hearing his story a lot lately, so when he asked me to write for Making Sense of Scent, of course I said yes! Below is his story and advice.

The main reason to work part-time is to earn extra income on the side. Show me someone who doesn’t want to increase their income! In addition to positive cash flow and productive use of your non-working time, here are some of the benefits of running your own side hustle:

30.50 An Hour Is How Much A Year

A creative outlet. You may be really successful in your career, but are you passionate about it? What do you do in your spare time when you are away from work? Focusing on your hobbies can provide a positive outlet for your creative energy.

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Freedom When you focus on your part, you are your own boss. You are free from control, in my case I can be physically free, not chained to a desk.

Diversification of income. Losing a job can hit the average person hard — especially if they don’t have a backup plan. In this unfortunate situation, your sidekick can be your backup plan for a while. If you decide to change jobs or relocate, having multiple income streams can help with medical emergencies.

Building skills. Entrepreneurs learn to wear many hats in their business. Without an HR, IT, accounting or marketing department, you will find that you need to know how to do things that you previously relied on others to manage. Who knows – you may use these new skills in your regular work.

Balance. Working extra means you’ll naturally be more engaged and busy! Saying “no”. Forced invitations or external requests become second nature. We have to admit to ourselves that there is a limit to how much we can do in a day and allow ourselves to prioritize our lives and focus on what matters most – to achieve a healthy balance.

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Achieving financial goals. You can determine your financial future through retirement. But don’t you want to get there faster? Helps you earn extra money to accelerate your financial progress.

There are endless ways to earn extra money. My advice for choosing a side idea is to take stock of things that inspire you and make you happy. Look for the light bulb moment. When my light bulb went off, I realized my dream and found financial freedom – and you can too!

In 1981 I was at a personal turning point. Day after day, I went to my full-time job at a sporting goods store. I was miserable. I’m not inspired. I lacked motivation. Will this be my life? Something inside me wanted more, but here I was with a high school diploma, a small savings account, and lots of bills to pay. What can I do?

One day, I remembered my father earning extra money cleaning garbage in the local shopping area and I was inspired. I passed by a few times as a kid and remembered how easy it was. This literally happens when we clean the trash before the shops open, walk around the property and get paid for it. That was my light bulb moment.

Get Paid $30

My inspiration kicked in and I started thinking about how to successfully develop this idea. I started contacting property management companies and offered to clean their retail, office and warehouse properties on a daily basis. It was something I could do before and after a full-time job at a sporting goods store! As I started signing more and more properties, I realized I had a profitable business on my hands. I felt empowered now!

After two months of this adventure, I was making more money than my full-time job. Can you guess what I did next? Well, I quit my job and CleanLots was born.

Probably not, but there are plenty of personal benefits to working as a scavenger — if you can get away with the trash. How successful you are depends on your work ethic, persistence and attitude. Over the 35+ years I’ve operated cleanlots, I’ve enjoyed these many benefits:

It doesn’t interfere with a 9-5 job. You can continue with your main job and earn extra money by scavenging. Car park waste disposal is done out of sight of customers – this means late evening or early morning. Personally, I like to work outside in the morning. Hear the first chirping birds of the day, work in cooler temperatures before the sun warms up, early morning snow and spot that early morning wildlife. Customers who appreciate my work often offer me coffee in the morning or a slice of pizza at night.

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Every day. I find comfort in a routine. I can go on autopilot but still work. Don’t think this job is boring. I always have fun and sometimes funny cleaning stories to share (see bonus finds below). Listening to music or your favorite podcast while working is also a great use of time.

Low risk. When I decided to start a side hustle, I only invested $200. Considering the potential earnings, $200 is a decent investment. No special skills or training involved. (Remember: I started this business with a high school diploma!). You can grow your business slowly or quickly. Eventually, I grew my business to hire others to help with cleaning. Now that extra $200 investment has turned into $650,000 a year in business.

No problem. After I finish my work, I do whatever I want for the rest of the day. Being self-employed there is no time for punching. No traffic to worry about. No manager to report to! If you can succeed and quit your regular job, I guarantee you will enjoy being your own boss and never look back. Being self-employed is my freedom, independence and opportunity.

Against recession. There is no shortage of work in this business. Did people litter 30 years ago? No! People don’t think trash is a problem unless they’re shopping for an unsanitary item. Smokers still blow butt to their heart’s content. I saw people emptying their cars in the parking lot even though there was a garbage dump nearby. it’s a shame! Property owners are also struggling. That’s where we come in! Live in a high growth area? Even better. Isn’t it surprising how many commercial properties have parking lots? Let’s see how many of them were built in the last ten years. All these properties should always be kept free of debris.

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Green industry. Knowing that my business is doing for a clean and green environment gives me pride and satisfaction. People don’t want to clean themselves, I understand. More money for those of us who do! I love making a visible impact on my community through this green service.

No expensive equipment to buy. When I first started, I used standard tools like brooms, dustpans, and garbage disposals. You may already have these in your home. You can find a special garbage disposal tool at your local hardware store for less than $50. You will find what works best for you. I found a gem of a garbage collection tool that allows me to sweep as fast as I can walk. Not only does it speed up my cleaning time, it picks up even the tiniest debris and increases efficiency.

Do exercise. How many jobs can you name that pay to walk? When I first started picking up trash, I walked several miles a day. Wear your pedometer or personal fitness tracker and see how many steps you take in a day! You take care of yourself, your customers and the environment.

Bonus will be found! You won’t believe some of the things I saw during my junk removal. Besides the usual trash (food wrappers, drink cups, cigarette butts), I sometimes find clothes, cell phones, wallets, and even money! I will return the valuables

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